Whatever stage you are at in the build process, we strive to provide a less-stressful and more enjoyable construction experience. Be–it, creative vision or execution of an ambitious project; we take care of your specific requirements and needs throughout each stage of the process.

Design, ideation and planning

At the foundation of each of our projects are great ideas and clear planning. If you have even just a small idea, we can help you evolve it into something more tangible and then, a reality.

Our team can work from detailed architectural drawings, to back-of-receipt and fag-packet sketches. Whatever way you choose to communicate your idea, we can advise you on the next steps and assist in taking your idea to fruition.

If you are starting from scratch, we have an experienced designer on-board whereby we can offer a design service. To find out more about this service please make an enquiry.

Construction and extensions

With over 20 years of family construction heritage, we have the knowledge and experience that enables us to carry out ambitious projects.

Some of the types of construction projects we take on include:

- Extensions
- Out houses
- Tiny offices
- Sheds
- Interior and exterior wall-work

Patios and driveways

Patios and driveways are a cornerstone service and a great low-investment for your real estate. We have totally transformed a property's presence on a street upon completion of a block paving driveway.

A driveway project is not merely an aesthetic change, but it can make the front of your house significantly more functional too when carried out correctly.

Angling the driveway correctly can direct streams of water to the desired drainage and act as a preventative measure for flooding. With the correct membranes in place it can also require much less maintenance in comparison to some other alternatives.


When starting out with JD Construction, Landscaping was one of our core services. It became of such demand so much so that we changed our company name to JD Construction and Landscaping.

We've done landscaping from day one so we know what it takes to get that Grand Design-eqsue garden. We have expertise to produce luscious deep green lawns, lay-down millimetre perfect block paving and precision lay patio slabs to achieve your vision.

We also work closely with our team of designers who are able to sketch your idea before moving forwards with your project.

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Would you like more information about collaborating with our team? We'd love the opportunity to hear more about your project and run you through how we can help.

Simply fill in your details and let us know about your new project!

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